Social Media Marketing – Using Influencers To Grow Your Brand

By Vinayak Kumar

To make a good business, just making a good product is not sufficient. The marketing of your product is just as important. Ineffective marketing has resulted in good products doing poor business and eventually vanishing from the market. Also, the competition is so high that customers have many options for a particular product or service. So, for your product to do well in the market, you have to be cautious in choosing the marketing strategies. These marketing strategies further help you grow your brand. Influencer marketing is one way to do it.

Many more strategies exist, like Co-branding, Affinity and Cause Marketing, Paid Media Advertising etc. However, Influencer Marketing is something which can’t be overlooked when choosing your marketing strategies. Influencer Marketing has proven itself and is done by many brands across the globe. In this article, we will be discussing in detail about influencer marketing and various insights about it.

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What Is Marketing?

First of all, let’s understand what marketing actually is! Normally people mistake marketing as providing general awareness of a product to the customer. That’s why many brands fail to capture a market. Marketing is a deep science, the science of understanding the customer’s needs and then very skillfully converting them to wants. Thus, marketing is very essential to any business.

This often requires a lot of research. First, you require to analyse the market and then define your customer segment. Once you have defined your customer segment then the whole game of marketing depends on how explicitly you understand your customer segment. A proper understanding of your customer’s behaviour i.e. what is their priority, which type of brand they prefer for a particular product, what is their buying pattern, etc will help you to map your product perfectly and develop a better marketing strategy. Another key aspect to make customers buy your product is gaining customer’s trust for your product.

Now, this is where Influencer Marketing comes very handy to brands. Instead of doing all this research, a brand can collaborate with influencers.

Who Are Influencers?

Influencers are those people who have the potential or ability to influence the potential buyers of a product. They do so by promoting or recommending the product over social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Why Influencer Marketing?

There are many reasons a brand chooses to do influencer marketing, we will discuss 5 of the major reasons why a brand chooses to do influencer marketing. You can also reason it like this, after the launch of Reliance Jio, there is seen a rapid growth of social media users over Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. And with that, rapid growth in the Influencer community is also seen. To survive in this community every influencer has identified his niche and tries to provide more personal connection to his/her followers. so, through Influencer Marketing a brand can tap into a more classified customer segment and can make people trust their brand through these Influencers.

But why would people listen to them? Because they trust them. An influencer has thousands, hundred thousand or even millions of followers. Gaining such a huge number of followers is not an easy task. Hence, an influencer has invested a lot of time understanding his followers, making personal connections with them, gaining their trust. So people believe that if they are suggesting a product then it will surely be useful for them.

If you are an influencer then on Hobo.Video you can learn various ways through which you can gain the trust of people and increase your followers in your particular niche.


That Extra Brand Awareness

Now a day everybody, from a newborn baby to a 90 years old man is connected to an influencer directly or indirectly. Let’s understand it this way, even before a baby is born parents start gathering information about how to take care of their child. They start reading a lot of blogs, start following channels of child care on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. So, the product that the child uses is influenced by an influencer. For those people, who do not use technology or don’t know how to use them, they ask suggestions from those people who use them. And the suggestions for any product given by those people are largely based on the information that they have gathered through influencers. So, the reach of an influencer is not only limited to the people who are directly connected to them but also to those who are not their direct follower.

In another scenario let’s say a person is following an influencer who has a channel for a diet regime. One day the person was watching a morning diet plan video but he suddenly notices something. The shoes that he person was wearing were liked by him so much that he ordered the same pair for himself the same day itself. In this scenario, that person was not following any fashion brand influencer but he notices something on another influencer and buys it. In influencer marketing, such type of cross-niche promotion or brand awareness often happens which expands a brand awareness.

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Unique Style Of Brand Promotion

Influencers are known for their unique style of content creation. They have a high level of creativity. Sometimes getting into the mind of your customer becomes very difficult for a brand but an influencer knows exactly what type of content will attract customers towards your brand because they have already tried different methods and know which works best. They are not afraid of trying out new things, which brings out very unique content for the promotion of your brand.

So, if you reach let’s say 10 influencers for your brand promotion, then you will have 10 unique content for your marketing. And this will create more impact on customers.

Hobo.Video has influencers from various niche whose style of promotion is very unique and who understands his audience very precisely. They can turn an average business idea into a full-fledged hype.

Very High ROI

According to various surveys, a brand can earn five times the value they invested in influencer marketing. This ROI is very high as compared to other forms of marketing. Also, the investment that is required for Influencer Marketing is very very less when compared to other forms of media marketing. So, this provides you with high pay off for little.

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Very Precisely Targeting Your Audience

Influencer Marketing helps you to precisely target your customer which helps you to save those extra bucks which otherwise would have been spent on an unnecessary audience. Let’s understand this with an example, if you are a game developer and have developed an arcade game, now you want your game to reach the audience, so you decided to go for influencer marketing. Your first step would be searching for a gaming channel and contacting its admin. Now while doing so, what happened you targeted only those people who are interested in games.

Now if you want to target more precisely then you will search for an influencer who does live arcade gaming and puts a lot of arcade gaming videos on his channel. So the followers on his channel will be the one who likes arcade gaming. This means your every penny is well spent in influencer marketing.

Bring Trust And Credibility To Your Brand

For every product, there are a lot of brands in the market. The competition in the product market is very high. Survival of a product in this highly competitive marketplace is very tough. To survive, a brand must gain credibility and trust of consumers. If a person needs a product, he often gets confused by the various brands present in the market. In that scenario to get his attention, the credibility of your brand becomes important. Now, developing trust in your product requires time. But an influencer has already gained that confidence of customers over a period of time by posting relevant content and developing personal connections with them. So if that influencer posts something about your brand from his personal social media handle, then the credibility of your product will increase because his followers believe him.

Hobo.Video brings influences and brands on one platform, so if you are a brand and looking for a credible influencer then you can easily find that influencer here and also according to your niche. We, before inviting to our platform, very exhaustively do background checks of influencers and brands for their credibility. And if you are an influencer then Hobo.Video is the perfect place to do a collaboration with various credible brands.

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To Sum It All Up

No matter which type of industry you are from you can always increase your sales and gain credibility and trust through Influencer marketing. Not to mention your ROI will be very high. Hobo.Video helps you to find your perfect influencer and for influencers, his perfect brand.

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