Roposo App: A Beginner’s Guide To Use And Earn Over It

By Paul Harrison

Are you someone who creates a lot of short and interesting videos regularly? Then it’s high time you start making money out of it. Roposo, another app like TikTok, Dubsmash, Kwai, Vigo video, Likee, etc., of late it is earning a reputation as India’s favourite video sharing app. With Roposo being considered a part of social media, chatting with friends and sharing videos among your friends can be done along with earning money.

Being available across various application stores like Google Play Store and Apple Appstore it can be easily downloaded and used by both Android users and iOS users.

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Roposo App Stats

With more than 25 million active users there is an average of 19 million videos uploaded daily by its users. Offering many tools and features to its users to increase the quality of video being produced through the app. More than 80 million videos are downloaded on a monthly basis in multiple regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Etc.

The money awarded by Roposo is paid through Paytm. However, earnings are directly proportional to the engagement to your videos. In order to have high earning, producing engaging content is imperative.

Using Roposo

Once downloaded from the respective app stores of the operating system you are using, just like any other social media profile, Roposo needs you to create an account on the platform to create, post and view videos. Sign in using mobile number. You’ll recieve a One Time Password through SMS. Using it to sign-in leaves you with an account on the platform and a username. Personalize your unique account according to your preferences.. This account will bear the content created by the user and will host it to be viewed by other users having an account on the platform. Other users can conduct searches for your account by using the username assigned to you by the platform.

Roposo during the initial set-up process asks to choose your most preferred language from the list of languages. This helps in the application bringing to you content from the language of your choice.

It content can be viewed on your homepage by just scrolling through. The homepage’s feed is algorithmic and first brings you the content of pages that you have interacted a lot in the past. It also brings you videos that you may enjoy. This assumption is done by assessing earlier reactions to different kinds of content.

Creating Videos On Roposo

– Click the bottom right icon to create videos.

– The front camera is opened every time the camera opens, the usage of cameras can be switched from one to another.

– While capturing videos various effects can be used to enhance the quality of the video. Roposo itself offers various effects within the app so its users do not rely on third-party applications to edit and add effects to their videos.

– Stage mono light, Mode of contour, Studio light, Natural light portraits, Time-lapse, Slow-Mo, Stickers and filters are some of the effects .

– While adding descriptions to the video hashtags also can be used to boost discoverability.


The most unique feature of Roposo that makes it stand out from other social media app is rewarding the creators of the video other users liked with coins. Creating videos and receiving gifts from other video creators will give you coins. Contents are also categorized into sections so that users can switch from section to another and enjoy different kinds of videos.

The coins can also be redeemed for cash which will reach its users’ Paytm wallet.

10,000 coins in your Roposo application is equivalent to Rs. 1.

In fact, you can earn coins by completing tasks, playing quiz and posting videos.

All it takes is to follow a few steps to earn money through the app.

1. Inviting Friends

For every successful friend recommendation, Roposo offers its users who referred to new users with coins that can be redeemed for cash.

While invitations to use the applications are sent to potential new users, links to sign up to the platforms are sent. Users will be awarded coins only if the new users sign up using the links sent along with the invitations. However, these links or unique URLs differ for every user.

2. Creating Video

The coins awarded for posting videos are directly proportional to the frequency of posting videos. Thus, posting videos daily increases the possibility of winning more coins as rewards.

3. Live Quiz

Live quizzes happen every 6 pm. Users can participate and win coins for every correct answer. Further, these questions are mostly based on current affairs and general knowledge. So, if you are someone who is constantly in touch with what’s happening in the nation, you should go for it.

4. Regular Check-In

Roposo rewards regulars who use the app daily. Even if one could not spare time to create videos, taking some time out to use the application literally pays off.

Roposo for Influencers delivered The Influencer Marketing Report 2020. India has been declared as the quickest developing influencer showcasing nation. The report gives experiences into influencer marketing. Additionally, it says how this has become the most impressive channels for brands to use promotional strategy. The report, released in May-Jun 2020, reveals arising stages and patterns in influencer marketing in India. The survey included 810 content creators from the nation over and across web-based media stage..

Influencer Contributions

Twenty to thirty-year-olds from Metros contribute largely to the influencer space. The report uncovered that most influencers come from the top metro and urban communities. The biggest level of influencers come from Delhi and Mumbai, with 24.9% and 21.2% separately, while Bangalore and Kolkata add to 7.9% and 6.3% individually. This focuses on a gigantic potential in these urban communities for brands who can use influencer advertising in these territories.

Regarding age, the report revealed that most respondents fall in the 18–30 age section, with half of the respondents being between 18–24 years of age. With Fashion, lifestyle and travel are the most liked.

“Lifestyle and fashion continue to be the most powerful categories when it comes to influencer marketing”- Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder,

Beauty and travel follow in second. Other famous classes include food, nurturing and amusement. The investigation reports that customer products brands influence influencer promoting the most widely, with the class adding to an astounding 70% of all industry categories. In terms of areas, web-based business rules with half. Portable applications trail with around 42% and retail at about 38%. Medical services, Edutech, BFSI and B2B organizations follow intently also.

Influencers And Brands Collaborations

Influencers can showcase the products they would like to endorse through Roposo. Description space contains products links endrosed in the videos. Further, clicking on these links leads to e-commerce platforms selling the products endorsed.

In Roposo too choosing and sticking to the influencer’s niche helps influencers gain following regularly.

While being consistent and promoting brands may bring in money by each and every sale you have facilitated Roposo also offers coins that can be redeemed for cash. Making some extra cash is never a bad idea!


Roposo being a platform that is being adopted rapidly by Indian consumers and mainly millennials holds a lot of potentials to be used as one of the main platforms where influencer marketing can be conducted. The platform is very likely to join other top league social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s due to the huge engagement and audience it offers. Starting to create content exclusively in Roposo and gaining followers can give influencers a head start when Roposo finally emerges as one of the important platforms for Influencer Marketing. 

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