Cornitos and IPL 2020 #MatchCornJeetega Marketing Strategy

By Rachit Sharma

Indians have a special place for enticing flavors in their heart, always in search to find something that can please their taste buds. Snacks serve as the perfect fit for this appetite of ‘something different’. Traditional snack markets in India are dominated by traditional namkeens and western potato chips. Both of them are like two extremes of a scale with a gap present between them. This gap is filled perfectly by the introduction of nachos or tortilla chips in the Indian market. Cornitos can be given the credit for bringing tortilla chips to the Indian market. They are not only the pioneer, they’re also the leader of the nachos market with 60% market share.

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What Made Cornitos So Big?     

Vikram Agarwal’s Greendot Health Foods entered the market in 2009 with Cornitos, a revolutionary product for the Indian snack market. Its international standard packing caught the eyes of the customer and its unique flavors assured their return. Cornitos’ USP include the fact that the nachos are gluten free, cooked in corn oil, and manufactured by a Mexican lime treatment process of making traditional masa (maize dough) using stone-ground, non-GMO corn. These make cornitos a healthy choice, and widen their target audience span. Due to its product quality and international standards it is exported in countries like the US, Australia, UAE, Singapore and elsewhere. 

Pandemic Hit 

Covid-19 hit the country in early 2020, this called for major action to prevent it spread and it came out as a national lockdown. It was a harsh but important step, with its own consequences. Cornitos was not untouched by these ramifications; a broken supply chain resulted in low supply of raw material and low production of finished product. 

As reaching the retail stores was tough, ecommerce was the major source of sales. Till now Cornitos products were available on major ecommerce sites such as Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Milkbasket, Scootsy, Suprdaily, and Jiomart. But as the sales are less now it comes to their realization that a lack of destination is resulting in confusion and unawareness among the customers for the product. 

Their solution to this problem was a one stop destination ecommerce site for Cornitos products. And what better time it would have been than the lockdown. But now the question is how to get footfall on their Ecommerce site.

#MatchCornJeetega Campaign

IPL is a grand event that celebrates India’s love for cricket and brings families together. Cornitos utilized this popularity of IPL to promote their ecommerce website. It comes up with a creative idea to do so. In collaboration with IPL, Cornitos launched the #MatchCornJeetega campaign.

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The aim behind this campaign was simple. They wanted to spread as much awareness about their ecommerce site as possible to increase the footfall on their site. They also wanted to increase their social media engagement. Their chief aim was to shift their potential customers from third party websites to their own site. Two major tasks in this campaign were:-

1. In this task they put a QR code on the back of their packet. Scanning that, the customers will land on a specially designed page where they have to guess the winner of the IPL match for that particular day. Once they guessed the winner, they filled in their details. They will get a 20% discount coupon which they can redeem by purchasing from Cornitos official site.

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2. This one is created for increasing engagement. The participants were asked to click a selfie with a Cornitos packet while watching a cricket match. They had to then like the brand’s official page, tag it and use #MyMatchSelfie & #MatchCornJeetega in the caption. The last part of the task was to tag three friends and encourage them to take part as well. Three lucky winners were awarded a special Cornitos hamper daily.  

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Influencer Marketing and Cornitos

Cornitos realized how important influencer marketing is and saw its real potential throughout the lockdown. Cornitos creative team designed this campaign to utilize the engagement of influencers for fulfilling their objective. They specially focused on micro and nano influencers because of their greater engagement and better interaction with their audience.

A total of 19 influencers were roped in for the campaign. Together, they had a following of 1.1 Million. 20 static posts, 19 video posts, and 51 Stories were posted for #MyMatchSelfie by these influencers. Apart from this, Cornitos official page also interacted with its audience regularly through creative posts, congratulating match winners and giving regards to the losing side. 


This campaign turns out to be a success, with the brand receiving total sales worth approximately INR 5 lakh and 800+ orders from their e-commerce website during the campaign. The campaign helped them receive a total of 88,388 website clicks. A total of 174 entries were garnered for #MyMatchSelfie. The brand was able to reach over 14 million people through social ads. Total impressions from social ads stood at 18 million and total impressions from Google ads were 35 million+.

The influencers garnered 104,794 engagements including both likes and comments for the brands, with a reach of 647,523 and 867,842 impressions.

These statistics proved the importance and success of influencer marketing in the new age of marketing. 

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Marketing is not just about launching a new product; it is more about what impact it has on people, how well it fits in their life. Consumer behavior is not just statistics, it is about the consumer’s emotions and attitude related to the product. Cornitos is a brand which understood their market and consumer demand and launched a product which fulfills their needs. This pandemic has changed our life at a scale we never imagined, but these challenging times require determination to overcome our loss and accept the new normal. Cornitos have shown the perseverance and creativity in the face of adversity to turn the situation around. Their understanding of the situation and timely response will surely give them the desired results in the near future. 

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