How trendy is online video shopping? Explore the power of Mobile Screens

By Saumya Gupta

We have already been part of online video shopping whether we know it or not, we all have bought something that we saw online in a video and if we purchase via watching those videos online is calling Online Video Shopping. Shopping for products can be very confusing when you do not have inputs from someone who has already used the product. However, it’s not possible that anyone and everyone in your network would have bought a product you now desire to purchase. That’s how the concept of reviews came in. Reviews made shopping easier as they left a mark of authenticity. Human-to-human interaction was made possible on eCommerce. Insightful content was posted on these online shopping websites. Online Video Shopping is very much trending now these days in 2021.

This digitalized the whole process. In return, demand for good products increased which thus increased sales. The journey from a probable yes to an actual one became true for many such products which had good reviews on it. Hobo.Video is an Online Video Shopping platform that is driven by such videos, in a way that appeals to Gen Z and Millennials. It uses reviews that are in the form of short videos, and allows it to be posted across platforms. 

How trendy are online shopping videos?
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The Rise of Video Content

In today’s time, the same information has changed its format. Instead of written content, videos are increasingly flooding all platforms. From unboxing products to changing outfits, the whole shopping journey has been transitioned. Such changes over time influence buying decisions. Now, input while shopping no longer needs to be in boring written formats. Instead, influencers have jazzed up the whole process. The new strategy markets products and increases profits for the brand. Hobo.Video is a localized community-driven Social Marketplace. Hobo uses influencer marketing strategy to add value to the platform. Nano and micro influencers give their inputs to buy the right product via real video streaming in a language they are most comfortable with. That’s because apart from English, Hobo supports 17 other languages like Hindi, Marathi, French, Portuguese etc.

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Smaller the Screen, Bigger the Impact 

Gen Z and Millennials spend one-third of their time watching videos. There can be many possible reasons for this:- 

  • Video preference over written content 

Turns out that these generations only like to read what’s essential. Because a large amount of online content is available, there’s less time to explore everything. Naturally, reading something seems boring if the same thing has an interesting alternative. So, to convey any message videos are being created to attract the attention of people. 92% of marketers said that video content was an important part of their marketing strategy in 2020, and it’s a significant rise from 78% in 2015. Hence online video shopping is a rage.

  • Compact yet Impressive

A 10-second video and a written review of 50 words- what would have a bigger impact? The video, obviously. Digital content captured in such a manner tends to stay longer in the mind. Words slip out in no time.

  • The Human Mind

Very geeky, right? It’s understandable. Do you remember how teachers used to show the picture of an apple and then write the spelling for you to understand as a kid? The same concept works way past that age too. The mind registers images and videos, while words do not have the same impact.

  • Content Formatting

It turns out that you can jazz up a video. For example, a relatable song that matches the type of video gets the audience excited. They might even look for the song afterward. That song would remind them of a particular product that the influencer marketed before. This stays with the audience and over time persuades them to explore the brand. Most likely they would search for the same outfit worn by the influencer in their video.

Smaller the Screen, Bigger the Impact
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What Type of Audience Responds Popularly to Online Video Shopping?

The same type of audience that comes with an attention span of 8 to 12 seconds- Gen Z and Millennials. More than 85% of Tiktok and Snapchat users fall in the age group of 13-34 years. There are established content creators, and there are potential content creators. Besides these categories, there are those who surf through apps. This way, they come across online video shopping that makes them follow the brand. 

What Type of Audience Responds Popularly to Online Video Shopping?
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It only takes a matter of seconds to influence this audience. These few seconds increase competition and effort. When nano and micro-influencers enter into a collab with brands to market their products, they go with Instagram Marketing Strategies. On a platform like Hobo, there are various campaigns that have been discussed in detail. Barter Collaboration and Paid Influencer Collaboration campaigns turn out beneficial for both the influencer and the brand.

It’s obvious how everyone uses Instagram nowadays. Likewise, the audience is regularly introduced to established as well as new and upcoming brands and products. This is also a reason why brands find Instagram influencers more apt for such marketing jobs. About 63% of marketers these days work with at least ten influencers on every campaign. They rely mainly on nano and micro influencers to sell their products. 

Platforms for Brand Collaborations

The power of famous influencers to flood any brand’s shopping cart is very valuable. Because of this marketing strategy, influencers are in high demand. At times, good influencers who have a smaller follower base find it hard to bag paid collabs. Usually, such types of small influencer campaigns pay in the form of free products. It’s easy to say that at Hobo.Video, influencers get more than free samples for their videos. They can enter into Barter Collaboration and Paid Influencer Collaboration. You can check out these articles to learn more. 

In Barter Collaboration, influencers get goods by the brand in return for their services that include promoting the brand. In Paid Influencer Collaboration, they get a share in revenue from the sales generated. This percentage is highest at Hobo Video. 

Anyone can make money on Hobo. Knowing that your efforts are being paid off makes work even more fun. All you need to do is register here, and commit to the work by making creative short videos. 

How To Earn On The Online Video Shopping Platform Like Hobo

Hobo.Video is a premier global destination and a social commerce platform driven by short videos. Millions of Gen Z and millennial influencers, resellers, buyers, and friends connect over this platform and interact with each other. This interaction helps in making the perfect purchase done through community-driven recommendations. The mission is to reset the consumer shopping experience around the globe by making it real, social, and authentic.

 All you have to do:-

  • Visit Hobo.Video.
  • Select a product of your choice and place the order.You can even take part in brand collaborations at Hobo.Video!
  • Once the product is delivered, make videos of it. You can try unboxing the product on video or show off your style by wearing it while you put on a good song in the background. There are thousands of options, all you have to do is choose what would suit the brand in the best way.
  • After making the video, upload it to your micro store. Share the video and link to your Hobo.Video profile on different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Mitron and MX Takatak are some options.
  • Once your video makes it to the viral streaming process, users would receive recommendations.

The high streaming process would attract potential shoppers who would engage with your content. Be as social as possible. As an influencer, you should regularly produce engaging videos. It’s also necessary to keep sharing and tagging them across platforms. 

Once shoppers visit your micro store, they can register and start buying products on the basis of short video recommendations that YOU put up. 

How To Earn On The Online Video Shopping Platform Like Hobo
Image Source: Hobo.Video

How Shoppers React To Online Video Shopping 

More than 60% of shoppers give credits to online videos for inspiring them to buy a product. For them, videos are more authentic since the same product is being used by the influencer. Their recommendation is highly valued by these shoppers. Sometimes, these same videos are in the form of tutorials. These videos help those who are finding it difficult to use the product in any way. 

The trend is especially hyped up during the pandemic era. Due to many lockdowns and imposing rules, people were unable to go out. This affected brands that were no longer able to sell their products like before. Small businesses were on the brink of closing down. That’s when influencers flooded all platforms by entering into brand collabs. Nano and micro influencers started setting up their profiles for such marketing strategies to evolve. As of today, millions of people are shopping online through these video recommendations. They are short and compact, which makes them resourceful. 

Artist Collaborations with Brands 

As of today, 61% of nano and micro influencers fall in the age group of 16-24. The remaining 39% are above the age of 25. 

Hobo.Video works with 24000+ nano and micro influencers. This base contributes towards more than 310 million followers. Hobo enables everyone to be a creator. Through their videos, influencers share their passion and creativity. You can be a college student, a working official, a housewife, or a potential reseller. Everyone is welcome to own an online store here and start selling to make money. Hobo ensures connection with trusted brands, and revenue share is the highest. Content creators can start at 10% and earn as much as 40%. This depends on the campaign, brand, and membership. It’s a great opportunity that requires no investment. 

Artist Collaborations with Brands
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It’s reasonable how online video shopping clips can help boost any brand’s profits over time. The whole process requires skill and creativity. Why? Because customers would equate the short videos with the product that the influencer is marketing on behalf of the brand. We’ve seen the rise, and we’re a part of such campaigns now more than ever. 

Hobo.Video works round the clock to make its platform user friendly. Whether you’re a creator or a shopper, we cater to all your shopping needs. With hundreds of micro-stores, there are uncountable products to choose from. Being a mobile platform, Hobo’s outreach covers every potential candidate out there. Influencers can create a video experience that is unique and understandable to their followers. Anyone can start anytime. It’s an invite-only platform, so one needs to register here. Hobo personally verifies every request to protect the interest of stakeholders. Once your account is verified, you’re good to go!Check out our FAQs if you’re looking for an opportunity as unique as this!

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