9 Effective Ways To Make Money On Pinterest: With Or Without A Website

By: Zeinab Farock

Pinterest, if you don’t know what it is and what it does, then let me introduce it to you…

It is an American social platform that enables people to share images and comment on them. It was founded in 2009 but made to the public in January 2010 after hitting 10,000 users. Pinterest’s initial purpose was to help people save a digital collection of their favourite items on the internet. But it quickly turned into space where people can share ideas and get inspired by different experiences and recommendations of other users. In 2019, the platform has been used by more than 300 million visitors every month to explore more than 200 billion ideas that have been saved to the site. 

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Pinterest Audience

Pinterest is popular amongst the young age group 18-29 with more than 60% of users being female. Also, mothers who use the internet are 80% use Pinterest to purchase products for their family members. Currently, more males are joining the platform. Because of its pins and ideas created by users to other users, buyers are trusting Pinterest product recommendations. For example, around 87% of pinners bought items because they found them on Pinterest. It is  pin+your interest after all

Pinterest Visual Concept:

If you wish to have a successful business on Pinterest, you need to keep in your mind that the visual impact is essential on Pinterest. Try to post with an attractive image that is related to your product description or your posting content:

  •  Use relevant figures, and keywords if possible, on the image
  •  Use unique image designs 

You can use free tools like Canva to create your own picture illustration of a product or service. Try to choose Canva’s “blog graphics” to fit the Pinterest image dimensions.

Different Account Types On Pinterest:

There are two types of accounts, personal and business, each will serve you in different ways. If you already have a personal account you can switch to a business account. The main difference is that:

  •  Personal account:
    • Add and customize a bulletin board
    •  Pin your favourite items
  •  While for Business account besides the above, you get unique features:
    •  Buyable pins
    • Promoting pins
    • Access to important analytics
    • Access to revenue-generating features 

To start your Business account, first, you need to choose your category on Pinterest. Select if you are a brand, public figure, non-profit organization, local business, or online Marketplace, etc. After that, add a link to your website in the business type field. After plugging your link, press convert, That’s it! Now you have a business account on Pinterest.

What does buyable add to your business, it is a blue-priced pin, that signifies your products are purchasable directly on Pinterest.

How Would I Generate Revenue Through An Image-Sharing Platform Like Pinterest? 

There are different ways you can approach to start to generate good revenue by using Pinterest. But first, let me point out the importance of the selection of the right account for your goal at Pinterest. For business, you need to have a business account to get access to different features and avoid violating the Pinterest terms of service.

Here are 9 ways through which you can Monetize money with Pinterest:

 1. Sell Products on Pinterest

  1. After creating your business account using your desktop version
  2. Add your products description to Pinterest
  1. Select an attractive image or short video
  2. Use rich pins for your products or service
  3. Rich pins mean your listed product has a link to your business website so that it is up to date for the price and availability on Pinterest. To have this feature, all you have to do is to apply once for a rich pin on Pinterest, then it will update your current and past product listing.
  4. Improve your pins for research

Consider These Tips To Optimize Your Research:

  •  Add hashtags
  •  Use keyword in your listing title
  •  Add keywords to your product description box.

Additionally, try to use relevant keywords on your image that are related to your product or service description where applicable. For example, if you are selling a protein snack for children, add keywords such as kids, protein, snack, and so on.

Without Blog Or Website:

On Hobo.video, influencers can get their micro store without a blog or website. It doesn’t cost any fee to open a store on Hobo.video. Influencers can begin to add products to promote for friends and families, and as they grow their followers they can grow their revenue. By posting attractive videos and sharing their experience and opinions about their favourite products at Hobo.video, they get to make sales and grow revenue. Hobo gives a higher percentage of shared revenue than other e-commerce platforms and supports its influencer community to be successful. Click here to know more

2. Search For Company or Brand to Sponsorship 

For those who don’t like to write and start their blog, this is a good choice. To begin, you need to create a business account on Pinterest and build your solid followers with your specific niche. Keep in mind your audience’s gender and age group, you need to consider what is their concern by following your account.

Always aim for brands or companies that you believe in the most which are good enough to serve the interest of your audience. 

To begin:

  • Apply for a campaign sponsorship 
  • Share with them your Pinterest statistics
  • Make a deal to improve your acceptance chance

For instance, you can offer to sponsor their brands in your account for a year. 

Now, while it is great to earn from a profitable campaign, be careful not to lose your audience. Hold fast to your values in sponsoring brands Campaign!

Photo from Pixabay by rswebsols 

When you love a product and start to recommend it to family and friends, most probably they will opt for the same product you had recommended. This is the same concept as an affiliate program, but instead, you get a commission for every closed sale on the product you had recommended through your unique affiliate link. So you can ask for an affiliate link from your favourite brand, usually, every brand runs an affiliate program, which you can find on their homepage.

There are two ways to drive traffic to your affiliate links using Pinterest:

1. With blog:

Promote the product on Pinterest to get visitors to your blog or website, where you can do several things on your blog with the affiliate links:

  • Make a resource page for the affiliate product you have used and recommend.
  • Review affiliate products on your blog
  • Add affiliate links to your blog post
  • Create a banner for the affiliate campaign to promote its links

2. Without A Blog: 

  • Create a Pin for the product
  • Add the affiliate link of your favourite product on the Pinterest post, which links directly to the affiliate site to make the purchase.
  • Use keywords in your description box
  • Repeat the process with other products

If you choose to prompt for affiliate links directly on Pinterest, make sure it is spam-free to avoid account holding. Also, remember once the pin is posted, you lose control over its popularity, and you can’t update that the offer has stopped or been cancelled.

4. Build an Email List Using Pinterest Pins

Use the pins to lead attraction to your freebie offer, which with every email added during the download process, you will build a good email list of clients.

After building a good email list of customers, you can start to prompt your paid product by sending product-promoting emails to them. This is a great way to promote your paid service or digital products or any kind of business. But first, you must create a good freebie to convince people to download and give you their emails address, several tips to address here:

  • Use only one idea or problem to solve and offer a free solution in your freebie
  • Keep it visually attractive 
  • Select a freebie that set a good example of your product value
  • Use website format pdf or other files for fast download

5- Get Offers From Marketers

 If you are passionate about a specific niche and you know who your target audience is, then you can start building your followers on Pinterest. Let’s say you’re passionate about modelling and your audience is a young age group, then you can share your fashion and style hacks with them on Pinterest. As you grow your followers, you will be noticed by fashion brands, you don’t need millions of followers, thousands would be enough. Then, you will be contacted by marketers in your niche and sign an offer with them. It is a great opportunity to make money from your passion. You don’t need to have a blog to start, even though it is better to have one.

In Hobo.video influencers who are part of the hobo influencer network are recommended to trusted brands for brand campaigns or offers.

6. Apply SEO Strategy To Get Noticed

 Whether you are an influencer or have a business on Pinterest you have to use search engine optimization keywords to optimize your account for research.

In another word, as we discussed above the used keywords and links in your description and hashtags, all should be relevant to your posting content, service or products. Use popular keywords in your niche related to your product, but avoid using irrelevant keywords just because they are popular. This is considered spamming and it doesn’t serve you in the long term.

One more place to use SEO is your profile “about” space, where you can add relevant keywords, be specific and get the most mileage out of it.

7. Launch A Contests On Pinterest 

If you have a business on Pinterest, you can start a contest to get more engagement and noticed by users.
While it is a great strategy, it’s double-edged too. Because Pinterest tends to protect the experience of their users- they spam any pins that are irrelevant to their interest. This happens when people start to save contest pins, only because they are popular on Pinterest but irrelevant to their customized boards and regular research.

 So you need to be careful using this strategy on Pinterest.

On Hobo, different challenges and tools offered to help influencers grow more followers and generate sales. 

8. Get More Followers To Grow

Different actions you can take to increase your followers:

  • Pin other’s pin, who are relative to your niche to get more audience
  • Engage with popular content in your niche
  • Use fresh content or update regularly your old pins

Influencers who are part of the Hobo network are getting free video samples and guidance on how to grow more followers and be successful.

9. Exchange Your Experience With Money

As you spend a long time on Pinterest, you get insight into the business and know how it works on Pinterest.

Now you can teach others your strategies by selling online courses or E-book or starting a workshop.

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