4 Steps: How to Participate in Barter Collaboration Campaigns at Hobo.Video as an Influencer?

By Simran Sardana

Even as a child, some of us must have always thought about being someone great, who could teach others how to do things, maybe like an influencer. But these days the meaning of influencers have certainly shifted from not just teaching someone good deeds but to an even bigger meaning.

Being an influencer in today’s time certainly means being a person who knows a hundred percent of a certain niche/ genre. For instance, clothes or maybe food or books/ movies for that matter. Thus, an influencer can affect someone’s decision depending upon the kind of authority he has or how good the relationship he has with the audience or followers if we are talking about being an influencer on social media.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is presently a setup type of web-based advertising. It’s anything but a trendy expression for some time now, and the established press consistently alludes to it. However, there are still individuals who don’t actually comprehend what influencer showcasing is about. Without a doubt, a few groups go over the expression interestingly and right away contemplate, “What is influencer advertising?”

Influencer Marketing is half and half of the old and new showcasing devices. It takes the possibility of VIP underwriting and puts it’s anything but an advanced substance-driven showcasing effort. The primary differentiator on account of influencer showcasing is that the consequences of the mission are coordinated efforts among brands and influencers.

Influencer advertising includes a brand teaming up with an online influencer to showcase one of its items or administrations. Some influencer advertising joint efforts are less unmistakable than that – marks just work with influencers to improve brand acknowledgment.

What Is Influencer Marketing?
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Influencer Showcasing

Influencer showcasing isn’t just about discovering somebody with a crowd of people and offering them cash so they recommend you. That is the thing that viral VIPs are for. Influencers are individuals who’ve invested energy fabricating their own image and developing their crowd; they will be normally defensive of their standing and individuals who trust them. They’re individuals who had the persistence and center to prevail in online media, each natural adherent in turn. Individuals like this aren’t keen on doing influencer promoting exclusively for the cash.

In today’s blog post from Hobo.Video, we will let you know all the tips and tricks on how to participate in a barter collaboration with us in different campaigns as an influencer.

Let’s dive into the secret tips and tricks already, shall we?

Well, before reading further let’s take a quick reading of the exact meaning of the word “Barter”. The word Barter is defined as an act of trading goods or services between two or more parties in exchange for other goods and services with absolutely no interference of money in the whole process.

A Step by Step Guide to Participation in barter collab as an Influencer:

Step 1: Register at Hobo.Video

To participate in any of our campaigns, the influencer needs to have an account at Hobo.Video. This is because you will be asked for the username that you signed up with on the website.

A Step By Step Guide For Participation At Hobo.Video As Influencers:
A Step By Step Guide For Participation At Hobo.Video As Influencers:

By applying to any of the brand collaborations mentioned on our website Hobo.Video, you are entering into an agreement with us as mentioned in the link of T&C while you apply for the campaign. These are important to ensure the integrity of the company and the brand.

Step 2: Keep your profile Up to Date

The influencers needs to keep their profile complete with videos at Hobo.Video to get selected for future brand collaborations.

Once you receive the product, you need to follow the Video and Post Guidelines. After posting the video on Hobo.Video and your social media, kindly update us by submitting your post link/URL of social media at a link specified in the guidelines. Keep your details complete in your Profile under Edit as shown in the below screenshot:

Step 3: Complete your profile info

The influencers needs to keep their profile complete with videos at Hobo.Video to get selected for future brand collaborations.
Image Source: Hobo.Video
The influencers needs to keep their profile complete with videos at Hobo.Video to get selected for future brand collaborations.
Image Source: Hobo.Video

With Hobo.Video, influencers like yourself get a platform to perform their best and achieve heights in return. You just need to follow a few points while participating in any of the barter collaborations.

I think we can agree to the fact that aesthetically pleasing videos or even pictures reach more people than basic pictures, right? Therefore, the influencer should try making more aesthetically pleasing videos to please the audience. With that being said, the transitions that you use should be smooth. The standard quality of your video should be at least 780p or more.

The Perks of Participating in a Barter Collaboration

The main advantage of taking a part is that the influencers gets to try free products for the brand you sign up for. For participating, you can sign up for the brand collaboration using the steps discussed and add the code provided to you and get the product for free in exchange for the collaboration video.

Important tip: Use Hashtag #HoboVideo and an brand specific hashtag in your post description.

Step 4: Check Out if You’re Eligible to Participate

Let’s check your eligibility for being an influencer with us. Each collaboration has a different set of eligibility criteria which an influencer must fulfill. The main criteria is that you should be a registered user at Hobo.Video for any brand collab. Other criterias can range from a specific engagement rate, followers count, age and gender too.

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All these little details matter while we talk about being an influencer. Moreover, you get a chance to showcase your talent, promote a product that you care about and in turn receive perks as well.

Barter Collaborations currently going on at Hobo.Video

Rage Coffee | Barter Collab & Huge Earning For Male Influencers

Rage Coffee x Hobo.Video | Barter Collab & Continuous Earning For Female Diamond Members

are some of the latest barter collaborations going on at Hobo.Video where influencers can take part.

Hurry, participate and get free products in return!

Last Thoughts…

In the end. We’d like to say participating in a barter collaboration is not a tough task as you might be thinking. This was a detailed explanation or a step-by-step guide for influencers to get started. Mostly like a walkthrough.

We hope you all take up these opportunities and advance in your influencing career. If you would like to know more about influencers, you would love to check out these articles:

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Let us now hop on to the next blog post, shall we?

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