By Shima Ahile

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The general cycle of life indicates that after school, an individual traditionally gets a job. This is typically 9 am to 5 pm for about five days a week. This system has worked for many. But in this evolving and largely digitalized world, many people thrive better outside the confines of a traditionally structured company. Some people are content to stay in both worlds. But most times, it is ideal to break free and commit to one side of the system. This is where quitting your job comes in. especially as a creator; you need to commit a lot of your time to establish, promote and grow our brands. Working a 9am to 5pm job does not create room for much progress on brand creation and growth.

There are certain steps to take when considering quitting your job. 

“just be sure your finances are prepared. It is no secret that without adequate planning and preparation, quitting your job will come with a lot of problems.” -Jeff Carlozo

In an economy that seems to be doing less as we advance in years, quitting without a safety net and a fully perfect plan is not the smartest idea. In (Carlozo, 2020), there are six things to do before quitting your job. These are; ask yourself if this is the right move at the time, seek counsel, resolve all conflicts, ramp yourself up, minimize your expenses and have savings. When you have done these straightforward steps, it is now time to consider platforms such as Hobo.Video which will help you in making your entrepreneurial goals achievable. In a real sense, when does quitting become profitable? The several ways quitting will be a build-up to acquiring wealth, which will be discussed below:

1. When You Have a Plan

“my goal is to build several income streams that make me money while I live the life I want.”

Ralph Lasry

He says that now is the time to let all the old sayings about waiting to retire go. Quitting your job should be a turning point in starting up a more enjoyable life. If there is no plan, then it is absolutely not a smart idea to quit your job. According to (Lasry, 2019), the plan to make sure quitting your job actually results in earning involves three simple steps. These steps are clearing debt, growing income, and investing resources. Lasry makes a lot of sense because just quitting doesn’t do anything.

When you quit

It means you have a well-planned entrepreneurial journey ahead of you. These plans need to include marketing strategies to get your product or value out there, what sort of influencer marketing packages are available and affordable for your use. It also involves making use of social media marketing platforms that are useful for connecting individuals to the right influencer agencies for their products. These platforms, especially Hobo.Video will go as far as enabling the growth you need online and offline and especially establishing collaborations that benefit your business goals. Successful brand collaborations mean that the goal, which is earning for all parties involved is possible and this is what a platform like Hobo.Video offers. You can read more on how to earn via Hobo.Video here.

2. When You Have the Right Tools to Execute said Plans

Whatever plans you intend to follow up on can come from a large range of opportunities. Some of these opportunities are real estate, content creation, sales on Amazon, sale of personal skills, blogging. If you are going into real estate, for instance, you need to have knowledge of the costs, risks, and benefits of the business. You also need professional assistance on how to properly become a real estate business person. This is another area where it is important to have brand collaborations that can serve as a guide and checklist for a successful run. Check out our guide to types of collaboration with brands for more information.

In a business such as real estate, there are different facets, having the right tools helps you to pick the most suitable niche and work towards executing several plans which could either be building construction, becoming a flipper, or just simply being a supplier for real estate materials. At each of these, the tools selected to work should be carefully selected as well. 

Right tools post COVID19

The world currently has been thrown into an unprecedented time because of the COVID19 pandemic. The right tools to employ will therefore be tools that discourage excessive physical human interaction. There are various marketing strategies such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms that can be used to execute your plans. The issue now is knowing the right tool for the job; what you need for a particular thing, at a particular time. Depending on what you intend to use to grow your wealth, basic and more traditional forms of advertising will not suffice.

This is where tools such as Instagram creator tools, Instagram influencers, digital marketing hubs, online influencers, and social media influencers come in handy. Influencers are the individual who has the audience you intend to patronize you. Any collaboration with influencers from any preferred platform should therefore seek to result in audience interests and product sales. Sales of products on Amazon are pretty straightforward. However, the right collaboration tools have to be employed which will be responsible for taking people from being unaware to a point when quitting your job actually begins to convert into earning. 

3. When You are Committed to Your Brand

Committing to your brand means that some days, the work will be more tedious than the job you just quit but you will be patient and follow through. It also means that you have a careful outline and list of goals that you have to work hard to accomplish, and within the time frame you set for yourself. Quitting a 9 am to 5 pm job is a big step. However, it is not the most important step in making sure you still earn. Although it seems like quitting your job means you have more free time and you can rest, that is not the case. In an actual sense, quitting your job means you can now have time to focus on what you want for yourself; you can focus on personal projects and goals.

This means you can rest whenever you want

You work with your timetable and at whatever pace you set. As an individual who just quit their jobs to make more money, you cannot be unsure about the vision you have for your brand and future. Much of the determining factors for how successful an individual will be, depends on the seriousness and quality of work you put into your brand development and growth. 

Social media growth does not happen by sitting idly and willing it to happen. It requires a lot of work which is why your level of commitment matters. At Hobo.Video a system is carefully tailored for each brand and individual to ensure that only the best of efforts towards earning is possible. There are several other platforms that will work to give you the push you need towards productive work always. However, personal commitment is required to actually seek the help required from the ideal social media marketplace.

4. When You Have a Genuine Reason

“By taking a step back from traditional employment and seeking alternative options, many more might be able to achieve financial freedom”

Thomas Groenvold

In order to make quitting your job work in your favour, you need to first be able to tell yourself and others why you quit, and what exactly quitting will do for you. You should not just quit your job because that is what a lot of people are doing. Or you quit your job because someone says you can make money off a particular personal skill. Having a 9 am to 5 pm job undeniably creates a comfortable rhythm and assurance of a steady paycheck so until you are absolutely sure quitting is the right move for you, don’t.

If you quit your job without having laid out plans for what you intend to do and making provisions for unexpected situations and circumstances, it will most likely be disastrous. Earning from quitting your job is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a lot of hard work put into a project even when you don’t feel like it. Further, it is one thing to have a business to earn from on the side while being employed by someone else. It is an entirely different thing to decide to leave off that business on the side without something steadier to cushion you. As attractive as the idea sounds to own your business and brand, you need to have done the necessary research and be able to convince future investors, partners, and collaborations that your goals are attainable.

To conclude

No matter what you are doing, knowing what works for you and your brand is what will serve as the defining piece of how you can make quitting your conventional job profitable. (Groenvold, 2020) in his article says it is not too late to start. He also talks about the reasons why he had to quit his job after a critical analysis of his finances.

Quitting your job does make you earn when it means you are quitting to work on a personal project that can support you and give you leave to enjoy the life that you desire for yourself. Before you make any big decisions that could affect the rest of your life, and the lives of the people around you, make sure you do thorough research into your plans and see if they work to the extent you desire, and take note of timing. In the business world, timing is very important.