Advertising Brands Using Social Media Influencers

By Paul Harrison

Ever wondered what was the starting point of the whole Influencer Marketing concept? The answer is Skepticism. Yes, you read that right. Skepticism in the minds of consumers about the credibility of the brands, that, arose when brands and businesses started to over advertise themselves. This was done with the intention of increasing the consumption of their products. And increase brand awareness. It is exactly at this point where brands needed a new advertising technique to promote their products. Influencer marketing creates an impression of authentic advertising amid consumers who are on lookout for new products. No wonder Influencer Marketing is called the “Word-of-mouth” of the 21st century.

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It works just like that. The difference is, the opinion is channelized towards hundreds or thousands of consumers at the same time. And, it works effectively than the traditional advertisement methods. The effectiveness is what makes Brands and Businesses in 2021 to invest more time and resources on Influencer Marketing. As far as the Influencers are concerned, when it comes to marketing and advertising a product, influencers are leveraging the following they have garnered over the years by creating content and engaging their audience.

How Does It Work?

Influencer marketing includes teaming up with prominent and popular influencers in your niche to build your image, thus increasing the consumption of your product. Influencers are trusted to suggest and promote trustworthy products. They are seen as experts in their niche and their suggestions are often respected by their followers. The main reason why Influencer marketing is more successful than other forms is the rapport created between the influencer and their followers. They tackle the openness of web-based media to build up close to home associations. Influencers are frequently genuine buyers who have top to bottom information about specific subjects. This gives them certain influence and engages them to rouse their supporters to make wanted moves.

According to your objective, you can work with influencers to make interesting content. This can include announcing giveaways, having Q and A sessions, and so on. Also, you can welcome them to assume responsibility for your web-based media profiles and transfer content for your sake for a particular time-frame. A fruitful influencer marketing effort requires strong arranging and a profound comprehension of your intended interest group and promoting destinations.

As per a study in 2018, Google got 61,000 quest inquiries for the expression “Influencer Marketing”. Another report additionally uncovered that influencer marketing was viewed as compelling by 92% of the followers. 86% of the followers were ready to devote a particular financial plan for their influencer advertising efforts. This unmistakably demonstrates that Influencer Marketing is acquiring acknowledgement and prominence among entrepreneurs and advertisers.

Well Known Brands That Harnessed Influencer Advertising

Daniel Wellington

Have you come across this name when you scroll Instagram, is promoting the watch brand? These Swedish watchmakers are the very first on earth to embrace Influencer Marketing to promote their brand. Daniel Wellington’s Influencer Marketing campaign started way back in 2011, almost a decade ago.

Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington wanted to do away with traditional advertising. They wanted to reach target audience (young and creative) where they were easily available (on Social Media). As creative as it sounds, the marketing campaign was actually successful, resulting in catapulting Daniel Wellington among the fastest-growing brands in Europe.

Social Media users with a large following were chosen and gifted a Daniel Wellington watch. All they had to do in return was to post a picture of them wearing the watch and using the #DanielWellington hashtag at the description.

To reward the influencer for every successful purchase, they were given a trackable promo code which is unique to every influencer. Upon usage of the promo code, the brand is able to gauge the most effective influencer. The influencer too can track the number of sales they have been instrumental for. This easy and transparent way of working between the Influencer and the brand was the only way for the success of the Influencer Advertising endeavour.


Adidas has been one of the well-performing brands because of the message it propagated, which is, “Adidas is for everybody”. International personalities like Selena Gomez, Lionel Messi, Naomi Campbell etc. endorsed the brand on social media time and again. Adidas made sure their audience gets the idea that the brand is for everyone like you and me.

With younger demographic frivolously using the social media, Adidas wanted to increase its presence on the social media. It was done by collaborating with micro-influencers whose following is much lesser than the prominent international personalities mentioned above. These chosen micro-influencers promote new products of the brand which will reach the general audience seamlessly.

Strategies like this made Adidas’ adversaries lose a huge chunk of their sales at that given point when they had not adapted to this new marketing technique.


Amazon’s brand that sells audiobooks embraced influencer marketing too. But, the influencers were from YouTube this time. Audible is one among the few unmistakable brands utilizing the force of video showcasing on YouTube. They’re doing this by deliberately banding together and supporting high-traffic YouTuber channels.

YouTube’s increase in engagement has definitely increased (up 60% a long time). Furthermore, the audience who start their surfing on the YouTube home page is up three times. Audible’s way to deal with a video showcasing with top YouTube stars not just uses the range and huge selection of online watchers, but in addition factors in the colossal impact and close ties well-known YouTubers have with their crowds. In a new report, over 60% of 13 to 24-year-olds would attempt a YouTuber-suggested item.

Audible set out with the goal of increase the numbers of consumers by targeting high potential consumers of specific age groups. And they increased engagement and awareness by collaborating with YouTube channels with a large following.

Brand Awareness Amelioration

Influencers, due to their enormous reach, have the ability to expand brand openness and lift brand mindfulness. When an influencer suggests or supports your image, their followers are probably going to pay heed.

What’s more, coming from a trusted influencer, such proposals are frequently viewed as valid. The gigantic achievement of Daniel Wellington is a magnificent illustration of how influencer advertising can help spread the word about your image.

Teaming up with influencers encourages you to slice through the commotion and pull in their followers to your image. Moreover, it gives expanded permeability to your image and helps start important online discussions about it.

In fact, as indicated by the recently referred to consider, 37% of the followers utilized influencer promoting to build brand awareness.

Advertising To Accurate Target Audience

Through Influencer marketing by default ensures accurate targeting of consumer audience by the right choice of Influencers it is the most crucial part of marketing. Notwithstanding, it is regularly a meticulous cycle and requires a profound comprehension of your expected clients. Influencer advertising permits you to outperform this progression as the difficult work has just been finished by influencers. You simply need to guarantee that the influencer is applicable to your speciality and their public persona lines up with your brand’s image.

Suppose you own a garments retail organization that sells moderate and stylish attire for the 20 to 30 year old demographic. Teaming up with design bloggers and models will give you admittance to their crowd who are probably going to check out your items.

This system is regularly utilized by the Swedish attire brand, H&M. For example, they teamed up with style blogger, Julie Sarinana, for the dispatch of their 2017 inventory.

New-Age Advertising Strategy

Influencers make a living out of making engaging content for their followers. Teaming up with them assists with reclassifying your content system and gives it another viewpoint. It goes about as a much-needed refresher in the midst of the self-limited time content that you consistently post.

Likewise, content that highlights influencers is frequently seen as more bona fide and reliable. On the off chance that it hits the correct harmony with your crowd, they are probably going to impart it to their organizations. This builds the perceivability of your substance and interfaces you with a group of people that would have stayed out of reach in any case.

Working with influencers likewise gives you admittance to plenty of client created content. You can share such substance to change the manner in which your followers see your online media profiles.

Moreover, such content can likewise be utilized as tributes from genuine clients. It causes you to win the trust of your crowd and urges them to give your items/benefits an attempt.

Trust Is The Sole Asset

The true asset of an Influencer is his/her followers. Anything they do or any product they advetise is focused on their audience’s reception. When an influencer shares their legit criticism about a product or service, it is seen as an honest review. It fortifies the brand’s image and strengthens the believability.

Hence, working together with influencers causes you to win the trust of their crowd. Over the long haul, this is instrumental in building up a multitude of faithful brand advocates. It builds brand awareness considerably further and eventually causes you to acquire more income.

It is also constantly entailed by efforts to increase audience engagement.

Improvising Content Quality

Increasing the number of likes and comments on your posts is a battle in itself. Without great commitment levels, having a large number of supporters won’t yield any outcomes. This is the place where influencer advertising can be of colossal use.

Right off the bat, working with influencers improves the nature of your substance and makes it more client-driven. Such content is bound to discover foothold in the midst of your intended interest group. Besides, when an influencer shares your content on their web-based media profiles, their crowd will likewise draw in with it. In the event that they like the content, they may mention their friends and share it on their own profiles, further expanding its range.

For example, numerous brands collaborate with influencers to declare Instagram giveaways. Such posts as expected get countless likes and remarks.

Summarizing It Up…

Influencer marketing is progressively turning into a need for advertisers. Working together with influencers can help make an online buzz about your image. What’s more, it can fortify your brand’s image and improve audience engagement.

It’s about time that advertisers and entrepreneurs perceive the significance of influencer advertising and use it for their potential benefit. Hobo.Video’s object is to make Influencers thrive, for which we constantly work by providing Influencers with a platform to conduct their marketing endeavour. Check out our influencer marketing basics and 2021 marketing trends for more insight into this.

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