Mitron App: The Best Guide On How To Monetize It

By Raja Anjana Kothapalli

Here is all you need to know about the Mitron app. What is the Mitron app? How does it work? Is Mitron an Indian app? Is the Mitron app safe? Why is the Mitron app temporarily taken down from Google Playstore? But most importantly, how to make money on the Mitron app? Read on!

What Is Mitron App?

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Before knowing about how to make money on Mitron, let’s first understand what is Mintron app and how it works. Mitron is a free short video sharing app. It is a social media platform for its users to share content online. Mitron users post their creative videos online with a theme of light humor. It provides an easy and seamless interface for users to create, edit and share their videos. A user can also browse through a library of top videos across the globe. Mitron is a global social space to view, create and/or share short videos.

Mitron app is easy to use. It has an interface similar to Tiktok. A user has to scroll up and down to watch short videos. To create a short video on Mitron, a user has to sign in with a valid username and password. Then click on the video button at the bottom center of the app-screen. After recording the video, users can use the editing tools to add filters and effects to their videos. The edited videos can be published with the hit of a button. Once published, the video can be freely viewed by anyone.

How To Make Money On Mitron?

Other apps similar to Mitron like Tiktok, Chingari, and Roposo support their content creators. They can make money based on the number of shares of their content. However, the Mitron app does not offer the same as of now. Content creators cannot make money directly on the Mitron app. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make money using Mitron. Hobo Video lists and explains many other ways to make money on Mitron in detail.

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1. Influencer Marketing

The growth and exposure to social media led many popular brands to shift their focus from traditional marketing techniques. Marketing directly to a huge base of consumers took a back seat. Instead, relevant influencers were paid by the brands for much more focused marketing. To know more about influencer marketing, check out this article.

You can make money on the Mitron app via influencer marketing. You can approach the brands in sync with your niche and negotiate mutually beneficial deals. Make money through brand promotions and campaigns. You can read more on how to collab with a brand here.

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The entire process of searching for relevant brands, approaching them, and negotiating deals can be accelerated with the support of influencer marketing platforms. These intermediate platforms provide influencers easy access to potential brands. By using these opportunities, you can collab with brands and make money on Mitron. One of the many services offered by Hobo Video is to provide a nurturing platform for micro and nano influencers to reach a wider audience and the brands to achieve targeted marketing.

2. Revenue Sharing Platforms

You can link up with brands, or e-commerce platforms, or influencer marketplaces to make money on Mitron. You sell their products and get a commission on the sales you initiate. Every platform has its own rules on how this can be achieved. You can make money on Mitron by becoming a VIP member on Hobo Video for free.

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Hobo Video is one of its kind social e-commerce platform driven by short videos. It is a vernacular fun video-based localized community. A driven marketplace for Gen Z and millennials. It helps content creators to make money on Mitron via an engaging video commerce ecosystem. You get a share in the revenue from the sales you generate. The percentage of revenue share is highest at Hobo Video.

With its unique business model, Hobo Video protects the interests of both influencers and brands. It is the only platform that offers as high as 35% share in revenue for its huge network of micro and nano influencers. Hobo Video is a global network of over 24,000 micro and nano influencers in 63 categories with a following of 310 million. With Hobo Video, you can not only make money on Mitron, but you can also own an online store, sell products, build a follower base, make viral content and connect with trusted brands. You can read more on how to make money Hobo Video here.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the same as the revenue sharing platforms mentioned above but the percentage of commission you receive will be comparatively less. It is essentially where you will be paid a referral fee or a commission for referring signup or a sale of a specific product or service. So when you sign up to be an affiliate, you will be provided with a unique URL that you can display prominently via your videos on Mitron. When people click those links and sign up or register or make a purchase, then you make money on Mitron via the referral fee or commission for helping with that transaction.

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Affiliate marketing allows you to sell a product without needing to have a product of your own. You don’t need to worry about ideation or manufacturing or warehousing or customer support. You will be able to leverage an existing network to facilitate a transaction and add another source of revenue for yourself. It is a common practice for many brands to run their own affiliate programs. For example, Amazon has its own affiliate marketing program called Amazon Associates. You can approach brands that fall in your niche or you can approach intermediate agencies for a brand collab, and make money on Mitron.

4. Sponsorships

You can search and find sponsors who will be interested in footing the bill for filming and launching a quality video on Miton. This can be another way to make money on Mitron. You can use the influencer marketplaces to find relevant sponsors. Though it is not a direct means to make money, getting sponsorships will financially support you to create quality and engaging content, without the need of dipping into your pockets.

A sponsor can be a relevant brand that has utility in your niche. For example, a cooking oil brand as a sponsor for cooking videos, and a workout app as a sponsor for workout videos. As part of the deal, you might have to display the brand and the product prominently while filming the video.

5. Sell Your Own Merchandise

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To make money on Mitron, you can also make promotional videos to boost the sales of your own merchandise. Remember to display your merch in a prominent viewpoint in these promotional videos if possible. This add extra eyeballs and eyeballs will eventually help to make money on Mitron. For example, if you are making a promotional video to sell your own merch- say a t-shirt, wear a real sample of that t-shirt while filming for the promotional video.

If you are an artist, you can make your Mitron account your own virtual art gallery. If you are a photographer, you can make your Mitron account a virtual place to sell and promote your photographs. It is important to create consistent branding throughout your videos so that your viewers can immediately identify and associate.

Mitron App Controversies

Since its launch, the Mitron app had faced many controversies. Is Mitron an Indian app? Why is Mitron taken down from Google Playstore? Is it a rebranded version of TicTic, a Pakistan-based short video app? It is always better to be aware before making a decision- so read on.

Is Mitron An Indian App?

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One of the most asked questions about Mitron is whether the app is made in India. Read on, if you are interested in knowing more, or you can jump ahead to how to make money on Mitron. Mitron is said to be a rebranded version of TicTic, a Pakistan-based short video app. Mitron is said to be developed based on the source code of TicTic which is available for sale on CodeCanyon for only $34. But the company that launched Mitron is a business entity from Bangalore, India. Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal are the co-founders of the app.

Is Mitron App Safe?

According to an article published by The Indian Express, it is risky to use the Mitron app as it does not have any additional firewall or software security on top of the source code. The privacy policy of the Mitron app is weak that puts the user data at risk. However, any app that asks for access to the camera, location, and microphone is risky to use. It provides access allowing such apps to monitor users 24×7. But this is a risk with any app, not just Mitron. Let it be TicTic or TikTok or even Instagram.

Why Is Mitron Removed From Google Playstore?

The app was removed from Google Playstore for a short period due to violations of policies. Google Playstore has suspended the Mitron app for allegedly violating its spam and minimum functionality policy. The policy states, “we don’t allow apps that merely provide the same experience as other apps already on Google Playstore. Apps should provide value to users through the creation of unique content or services.”

However, the app was back on Google Playstore just days after being removed. Google Playstore is working with the app developers to help them fix them. Before being removed from Google Playstore, the Mitron app had managed to cross 5 million downloads. Currently, the app has crossed over 10 million downloads.

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Get Going

With TikTok banned in India, if Mitron app works on fixing its bugs, improving its user interface, and initiate a program to monetize its content creators, the app has good potential. Hope this article gave you all the information you needed on how to make money on Mitron. So get going and drop a comment if you have any queries or feedback. Also, check out Hobo Video’s elaborate guide on how to make money on ChingariMX TakaTakRoposo, and Josh.

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