How Entrepreneurs And Influencers Contribute To Brand Building

By Paul Harrison

Today’s business landscape has been changed in every possible aspect with the internet being the centre of almost every business. Right from producing or generating content/goods to marketing and selling the product, everything is dependent on the internet. Because it offers you the luxury to transcend boundaries which is good for any business. With the traditional model of operations being rendered obsolete in terms of marketing and selling it is prudent to make the best of all the resources available. Entrepreneurs being the most important force in brand building from scratch. It is difficult for a well-built brand to thrive if it hasn’t got the proper exposure in the market. Thus, Influencers come to save the day for brands by positioning the brand values and implementing marketing strategies that will be instrumental in getting the consumers on board the journey of the brand.

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Hobo.Video is coming up with new ways to facilitate the growth of all brands by providing them with a platform to conduct business. Hobo.Video is a platform that is one of a kind that brings both the brands and influencers to the same platform to market the products to consumers. 


We live in a web and online media time where individuals are handily affected by people of the media, superstars, and influencers. Twenty to thirty-year-olds should exploit these resources to expand their image. Teaming up with different brands and influencers in your niche will help carry striking quality to the business, in this manner creating leads and deals. By the day’s end, it boils down to how the client sees your brand.

A brand addresses the amount of individuals’ impression of an organization’s client care, reputation, promotion, and logo. Also, when these pieces of the business are functioning admirably together, the general brand will in general be sound.


The most important task when it comes to establishing a brand is choosing a logo that is going to serve as the face of your brand throughout the journey. 

Attention span is short nowadays – particularly buyers’. 

As things stand, organizations have around 2 seconds to persuade potential clients that their items merit any thought. 

A logo can rapidly catch customers’ eye and impart an organization’s fundamental beliefs intriguingly. That limited capacity to focus – the one that makes purchasers judge your business by its appearance – can work for your potential benefit, on the off chance that you have a strong logo to represent your organization. 

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You have one opportunity to get this right. A logo is an organization’s first prologue to purchasers. Whenever planned well, it can arouse the curiosity of general society and welcome them to study the organization; if not, you’ve quite recently distanced a potential client base and fundamentally failed your business. This initial introduction is your approach to quickly impart responsibility for product(s) you sell or speciality you rule. 

What’s more, while the facts confirm that logo configuration is just a piece of an organization’s image, it fills in as the establishment for the whole account on which the brand is assembled. 

1. Building Trust

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Similarly, as individuals are bound to buy from a business that seems clean and authentic, a new brand needs to gain the trust of people. Logos are a state of distinguishing proof; they’re the image that clients use to perceive your image. Preferably, you’ll need individuals to in a flash associate seeing your logo with the memory of what your organization does – and, all the more critically, how it affects them. Since a decent logo is a visual, stylishly satisfying component, it triggers positive reviews about your image that the name of your organization alone may not. 

2. Advertising is crucial

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Furthermore, in case we’re all being straightforward, a portion of your crowd will probably fail to remember the name of your business (don’t think about it literally – it’s human instinct), yet they’ll promptly connect your logo with their recollections of your image. Set out to be distinctive with your logo, because your organization logo explains to shoppers why your business is novel. As such, your logo is the gathering to both pass on your qualities and show shoppers why dislike your rivals – you’re better. As your image develops, your logo will turn out to be more recognizable to a wide scope of buyers, and this commonality makes the insight that you’re dependable and available.

Qualities in Entrepreneurs that contribute to Brand Building

 The first step, to begin with, is to gauge all the resources you possess and how you can leverage them to the well-being of your brand. Beginning with knowing what you have gives you a clear perspective about the things that you lack as a brand and that you need to acquire to augment your brand value. An entrepreneur’s skillsets need not exactly match the object of his brand’s. His/her marketing skills can sure come in handy when they are trying to promote and market their brand and their products. Use the skills that you possess as an individual to your brand’s gain efficiently by utilising them to their maximum potential.

Make plans and stick to them

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 As an entrepreneur wearing many hats is common and tiring as well. Making sure every aspect of the business gets your attention regularly so that you can stay on top of every activity. Being harmonic in terms of accomplishing all the tasks seamlessly and spending time regularly working on every department ultimately takes being planned to a T. The perfection you are expecting cannot be achieved by working without a plan. The better the plan the better the productivity. 

Building a team with a vision is as important as building a brand

Running an organization implies you are completely accountable for everything. The obligation of the vision, course, and the group falls in your grasp. Build an organization you want by making a group of individuals who share the same vision as you towards your brand and your goals. When leading an organization, it’s critical to keep the group drawn in and energized. One ought to continually share the organization’s vision and mission to inspire workers to meet these objectives. Expressing clear assumptions and giving motivating forces will help the business and group win. 

Dealing with workers is vital to the organization’s prosperity. Showing more appreciation, regard, and backing assists with the profitability of the business. Observing worker progress and execution will help recognize a portion of the organization’s shortcomings. Building a strong group will help you stand apart from your rivals.

Strive for your client’s satisfaction

In a world loaded up with innovation where everything is readily available, individuals will in general be faithful to the experience they get. Decreasing the measure of exertion on your client’s end will help make a more certain encounter. 

Study your customers by building an individual relationship with them. For instance, ask about your customer’s birthday, diversions, music, and so on Understanding them on an individual level can help assemble a durable relationship. 

Increase the value of the client experience by offering past your administrations. Proactively distinguishing and forestalling issues, shows interest and readiness to pacify customer’s solicitations, and empowers a smooth relationship. Client experience is tied in with building a culture around client support.

Always be ready to adapt

We face a daily reality that is quickly changing and no organization is protected from change. Teaching oneself on the business and updating abilities will help one stay a stage over the opposition. Keeping a fruitful organization includes monitoring interruptions, evaluating, and inventive thoughts. 

Drawing in with comparable learning individuals with similar objectives will empower quicker learning. In other words, gaining from other people groups’ errors will help keep you from settling on expensive business choices. Continue improving by encircling yourselves with individuals that challenge how you think. Put resources into systems administration openings, and encircle yourself with individuals more intelligent than you to lift your mentality.

Influencers’ contribution to building brands and businesses 

Firstly, influencers naturally have enormous quantities of faithful and committed followers. Secondly, these followers see them as specialists in their niches and respect their views profoundly. 

In contrast to customary big names, influencers appreciate solid compatibility with their fans. Further, this makes influencer marketing bring about the ideal result for making brand mindfulness and accomplishing other advertising objectives

Finally, with regards to influencer marketing efforts, there are various web-based media stages to browse. In any case, the best one for your organization is basically where your intended interest group invests the most energy.

Creating engaging content

As an influencer creating interesting and engaging content not only pays off by getting you more followers. In addition, content on your profile is taken into consideration when a brand is collaborating with an influencer. More than the number of followers you have, the kind of content you create determines your demand among other influencers in your niche. 

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Content is the only medium to establish a personal connection with your audience. So, the more unique your content the more the audience will prefer to hear your opinions about products and services in your niche. Audience reaching out to you to hear your opinion is the result of the trust you have gained over time. 

Increasing Brand Awareness and Exposure

Online advertisements being rendered obsolete due to ad-blockers. Brands have to come up with other ideas to carry their brand to potential customers. In 2021, there is no better way than Influencer marketing to grant exposure for brands as an influencer already amassed a certain number of an audience. 

Guaranteed large ROI

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Utilizing influencers in promoting can help improve ROI for the brand and reach a new and bigger audience. Influencers influence their crowds to advertise the brand’s products. Furthermore, those followers, thus, may suggest or showcase those products inside their circles.


Influencers offer a certain kind of credibility through their collaboration with the brands, which the brand has either failed to gain or yet to gain. This credibility can go a long way more than expected. It adds value to the brand’s objective. Credibility easily positively impacts sales. 

Moreover, both brands and influencers are interdependent. In one way or the other brands and influencers benefit due to each other’s existence. Hobo.Video serves as a platform for both brands and influencers to thrive simultaneously by being a portal for sales and a social media platform for influencers to create and share content. 

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