Interest Influencers In Your Product So They Market Your Brand

By Ahile Shima

The main goal of any business should be to make quality products and services that will boost their sales. In this quickly evolving world, influencer marketing has quickly gone to the top of the chart for marketing strategies. By gaining interest from influencers, you can market your brand to a huge consumer base. Now, what is influencing and who is an influencer? Influencing has to do with affecting the decisions of several individuals due to a measure of power you have over them.

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By extension, an influencer is a person who has the ability to affect your decisions through their actions and words. While some services and products are self-selling, it takes an influencer to get your brand to be the preferred choice.

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Every business needs to make sales. According to Sean Kelly of Jersey Champs:

 “For some people, it’s a kick to be featured on an Instagram page with one million followers, but when it comes down to sales, audience loyalty and engagement is way more important”.

How Do You Get an Influencer’s Interest?

Several brands stand out, so how do you get an influencer to come to you? Presentation. Packaging and quality are very important factors to consider when establishing your brand. This is what attracts customers to you. An influencer’s job to a brand is making sure that your products meet the final consumer’s interest. Nobody wants to be associated with substandard goods and this is where Hobo.Video comes in. Whether you need a little adjustment or a complete overhaul, certain guidelines must be met to ensure that Influencers not only work with you but they come after you seeking a partnership.

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The different means of having influencer and brand collaborations are discussed below. The emphasis is about how we, at Hobo.Video, are dedicated to giving you the best marketplace experience.

1. Brand Facelift

No matter what it is you market, you need to constantly make sure your products are attractive. Some products will indeed sell irrespective of packaging. It is however important to note that a product will sell even more if initial interest is high.

There are so many tools that are out there to help a branding facelift. At Hobo.Video, some experts have studied branding and the rules of collaborations and can help you put together an attractive front that leaves an audience wanting to unravel more. This works on influencers too. As stated earlier, people are more inclined to an association with ‘a brand that bangs’. This means that if your product is attractive, then you have influencers asking to be a part of your marketing team. This in turn means you are open to several options.

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2. Brand Events

Brand events that are useful in creating influencer-brand collaborations are galas, new product unveil and deal closure parties. This is another effective way of letting influencer marketing work for you. It is fair to mention that even though influencer marketing springs up from digital marketing, influencer marketing has undergone so much evolution that it is now a huge and completely dependent form of marketing. Influencer marketing works by influencers with the proper engagement on their social media platforms talking about your brand to market it.

Sometimes, when it is something obvious such as a branded shirt, training sneakers or cosmetic products, the influencer just needs to make a post that includes your brand and your desired consumers come to your door. When a brand organizes events and influencers are invited to these events, it creates an avenue for influencers to mention your brand on their platform to create increased awareness. Consequently, the higher the engagement rate an influencer has, the more market exposure you get of your brand. Thus, getting the eye and interest of influencers is a worthwhile investment.


When organizing an event, every detail should be taken into consideration. These are the kinds of things that a real influencer considers when accepting collaborations. It is important to lay heavy emphasis on the organization of the events, what kind of products are on display and what appeals to your target audience. The manner of invitation also matters; you need to use a tone of voice that appeals to the type of influencers you have interest in. An event to promote your brand improves influencer outreach and establishes successful collaborations. During a brand event, the chances for networking and free samples of products are also factors that encourage and appeal influencer market strategies.

Joydeep Bhattacharya, in an article on The Social Media Hat, says a brand event is a good opportunity for influencers to understand what your brand image is and what the products are useful for.

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3. Brand Product Quality

It doesn’t matter how large or small your brand is; if you focus on your products and make sure everything you create is top-notch, you will have influencers wanting to go into partnerships with you. While it is fair to seek out influencers who you think are capable of boosting your sales, it is better to focus on producing quality products and using platforms such as Hobo.Video who have expertise in connecting producers to consumers and influencers.

Hobo.Video is a platform that makes sure that quality and an enjoyable market experience are delivered in one move. It is no secret that influencers have a lot to benefit from collaboration with brands. An influencer will want to launch an influencer campaign for your brand if you deliver quality and if they know that your products will help them to positively stand out even more. They’re also inclined to collaborations if they know your product interest their follower base. When dealing with quality, it is very important to remember that personalizing your brand products make them more relatable. People want to use and talk about products that they feel are made specifically for their needs and interests.

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4. Feedback On Relationships With Pre-Existing Business Partners

When setting out a brand that makes influencers come to it, it is important to remember that you are working with human beings. Additionally, the way you treat your partners and staff says a lot about if an influencer will be interested in working with you. No matter how good your product and branding is and the quantity of free stuff you give out, if you have a bad attitude especially in business, people will rather not work with you. Even if your entire business relationship is with an online influencer, it is important to be courteous at all times.

When influencers want to work with a brand, they also conduct their research and look out for ratings and feedback. A previously grieved influencer will have nasty things to say about you and this can greatly influence the quality of influencers that are available to you in the future. It also says a lot about your customer service if you have to use several influencer agencies over a short period of time.

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Every article ever written about the relationship between brands and influencers acknowledges that the primary goal of this relationship is sales and profits. The goal of this article has been to point out how to engage influencers and by extension, their large audience base. Brand Influencer collaboration works in two ways, either by brand seeking our influencer or influencer seeking out brand. It has been the goal of this article to focus on how to actualize the second scenario. To have a face-lift and to improve quality is not enough. It is also important to ensure strategic placement.

So many platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Hobo.Video are platforms that do this for you. Hobo.Video especially will help position you in a way that only influencers you are interested in have access to you. They use their platform which brings influencers and brands together and also consumers and brands together. No matter what business your brand establishes itself in; we are in an age where a lot of individual decisions are in fact influenced by what we see around us. This is where influencers and their market reach come in and as such, I have laid out the ways that can be used to make an influencer want to be your brand promoter.

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