Case Study Of Sleepwell’s Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy In India for 2021

By Zeinab Farock

Sleepwell has been awarded “India’s Most Trusted Brand” by India Today, in 2020. Sleepwell’s marketing campaign is the best example of a successful influencer marketing strategy. The campaign aims to restate the importance of 8 hours of sleep as an essential part of a healthy routine. The company launched the campaign at the end of 2020. It has collaborated with fitness and celebrities who share Sleepwell’s healthy life vision.

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What is Sleepwell Mattress?

Sleepwell is the social arm and the flagship brand of the Sheela Group,  registered in 2001. Sheela Group is the market leader in foam production and commands 35% of the Indian polyurethane foam. It was incorporated in 1917. Also, it is the top producer in Asia pacific for polyurethane foam with 50 years of experience in the business. Over the last decades, Sleepwell has been the choice brand bedding for delighted customers. They are the pioneer in comfortable mattress production. Also, Sleepwell is well known for the use of technology to support healthy sleep. It is one of the top five player-mattresses in the market (Kurlon, Springfit, Coirfit, Sleepwell, Springwel). 

Statistics from Mordor

Sleepwell offers a pan-India distribution to more than 100 distributors and has 12 manufacturing units with 10 plants in India, 5 in Australia, and 1 in Spain. At present, 30% of the company revenue is coming from industries using foam in their products such as garment, packaging, automobile, etc.

But at the end of 2020, Sleepwell gained more popularity for its unique marketing campaign.

Mattress Hygiene Ignored As A Factor For Healthy Sleep

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. It forces the rules of social distance and wearing masks as well as staying at home. People adapt to the new hygiene practice of sanitisation and hand washing. But is that enough? According to Sleepwell, we are not paying enough care to our health if we ignored our mattress hygiene. As we spend more time at the house, we tend to work from our bed, watch entertainment content, and spend more time than ever using the bed. We ignore the fact that our sweat absorbed by mattress and dead skin cells are affecting our bed hygiene. It encourages more germs breeding in the mattress, and it affects our immune system causing certain diseases like an allergy.

The fact that we need to change our mattress at least once a year was missed in the practice of a lot of Indians about sleep hygiene. Sleepwell introduced the solution of revolutionary technology of mattress hygiene. It used the traditional powerful Indian herb -neem-  as an antibacterial substance. Moreover, Sleepwell used the technology of air mesh fabric to ease air circulation in the mattress. Also, Sleepwell encourages the customers to vacuum clean their mattresses once every 3 months. All these technologies and practices will help prevent allergies and germs from breeding.

So, the company launched a marketing campaign with specific educational objectives to highlight:

– Spread the awareness of mattress hygiene.

– Spread relevant between hygienic mattresses and healthy sleep, using creative and engaging ads.

-Encourage customers to upgrade their mattress to Sleepwell Neem Fresche Technology mattress for its antibacterial properties.

Sleepwell’s Approach To The Problem

-Selecting The Relevant Influencers

Sleepwell made a successful brand collaboration. Sleepwell chose specific fitness influencers and celebrities; those who believe in Sleepwell’s visions of making India sleep well and converting toward a night of healthy sleep.

Popular names have collaborated with the brand on Instagram and other social media such as:

  •  Suresh Raina, a former Indian international cricketer
  •  Raashi Khanna, who is an Indian actress and singer
  •  Vidyut Jammwal, an Indian film actor 

-Sleepwell Selected Only The Influencers Who Have

  • Relevant social media influencers for the health awareness campaign
  • Engaged and have a positive impact on the audience
  • Posting on a frequent basis 
  • Followers size is over a million and organic
  • Own positive leadership to many young generations and millennials

This thus helped the brand to establish close and natural interaction with the targeted audience, encouraging more customers to switch from an old mattress to the Sleepwell Neem Fresche mattress.

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The Core Message Of The Sleepwell Awareness Campaign:

Spread the awareness of mattress hygiene. And encourage the customers to start a new healthy year by bringing home a new mattress from Sleepwell Neem Fresche mattress range. Moreover, they even made a special offer to encourage more customers to take action. A 30% discount of the grand total offered by Sleepwell for the first time. It was in exchange for an old mattress and a premium pillow as a gift.

Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Sheela Foam Ltd said, “A priority for all consumers this year has been to make their homes safe. As we leave 2020 behind, it is important to also focus on sleeping better, and the best way to do that is by upgrading your mattress to one that offers the best of both worlds- comfort and germ-free protection. Our wide range of mattresses come equipped with the special Neem Fresche technology, which is a win-win for everyone. We are confident that our year-end exchange offer will be well-received by our customers, helping them enjoy both a happy as well as a healthy New Year in 2021.” 

The Execution Of The Campaign:

Each celebrity weaved the message using creative video filming through a divergent concept like:

  • Having a good night sleep needs a good Mattress to recharge after a long day
  • Provide your loved ones the best quality of Mattress to feel comfortable 
  • The Sleepwell Mattress can be used in some type of exercise because it is made from strong and supportive material

The influencers’ posting went viral with followers’ interaction and sharing around India. Social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have been used.

Use of Hashtags!

One essential tool of Sleepwell campaign was the hashtag, #sleepwell #neemfreshTechonolgy. The hashtag challenge has a strong potential to go viral.

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The Second Step In Sleepwell’s Marketing Campaign

The second step in the campaign was to target the entertainment, marketing, and advertising media:

News Channels

 For example, they placed the campaign ads during the announcement of the Union Budget on News 18+.

OTT Platforms

It is an omnichannel approach. The campaign ads appeared on famous channels like Zee 5 and MX. ads welcomed the new year with a healthy start by bringing home a new mattress for healthy sleep.

Vox pop 

They released vox pox to speak to people and to spread the relevance between healthy mattresses and healthy sleep.

The Outcome Of Their Marketing Campaign:


The campaign achieved its goals with around 95% of the message delivered. But if we compare the generated results of the different approaches, we will find this:

-The marketing through traditional media collects 7 stories and reached around 8 lakhs +
-In contrast, the influencer marketing strategy collects 9+ million impressions and 2+ million video views on social media platforms. 

This phenomenal result was achieved through the engagement of 6 key influencers with followers around 50 million in total on Instagram only.

 Updated Photo from Sleepwell foundation

– Last strategy, the OTT platforms were able to reach 2 million views and collect the impression of 6 million Indians.


Sleepwell was able to spread a message that resonated with Indians about healthy sleep. It restates the facts that mattress hygiene is as important as wearing masks and sterilisation. Also, It emphasises the brand’s positive attitude about health.

Additionally, the brand was able to minimise its losses and to keep connection with its customers. Sleepwell used positive messages to spread the health awareness of  8 hours sleep. Successful brand collaborations achieved by choosing the right influencers for the right brand. Hobo video has a system that helps brands find macro / micro  influencers with organic followers to be matched in the most effective way using a unique filtration system for a successful brand-influencer collaboration.

Sleepwell had launched different hashtag campaigns for the past years

For example:

-In February 2020, Sleepwell launched a digital campaign, the Cocoon’s campaign. The campaign aimed to encourage more women to voice their needs for bed comfort “equal choice”. Sleepwell’s solution was to customize the bedside to either ortho firm or gentle side for women’s comfort needs.

-In 2017, the first Sleepwell consumer connection campaign was the ad campaign ‘Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki’ conceptualized by Hakuhodo India. It targeted those who need unique sleep requirements. And who would be more concerned than a mother for her child? At this campaign, Sleepwell provides the solution for a blissful sleeping experience.

Reason Behind The Success Of This Marketing Campaign

What makes this recent campaign unique is the brand partnering with influencers to outreach more customers and the meaningful use of hashtag tools to post viral messages #sleepwell #neemfreshTechonolgy#Sleepwell.

The best approach to reach customers is to target their needs in the most specific way. Collaboration between the brand and the influencers who share the same values with the brand is the best choice because only those influencers can dispatch the brand message in more organic and interactive ways. 

Also, by comparing the past marketing campaign of the same company and the last one, the hashtag used in posts to get noticed by social media users. The result was more followers interaction and engagement.

This campaign outreach more customers and convince people to take action about their problems. Providing the solutions solely is not enough, but an authentic campaign with a clear and valuable message is the best available approach. 

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