Top Food Influencers To Look Out For

By Shima Ahile

Food Influencers

Everybody likes food, whether it’s vegetarian meals, simple healthy meals, or even high-calorie meals. Food is an essential part of human existence and lucky for us; the possibilities are endless as a result of social media and digital interactions. No matter where you find yourself today, everybody is able to enjoy what was only obtainable if you travelled miles. Certainly, the opportunity to enjoy food from across distances is possible because a certain type of people are interested enough to seek out good food and restaurants and share it with the world via social media platforms. In this article, we at Hobo.Video, list the top food influencers to look out for.

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Food influencing, interchangeably referred to as food blogging has become huge across the world and especially in India with all the amazing looking and tasty delicacies found in different regions. A food blogger is someone who posts about different meals, provides personal reviews, and gets people to try out the same food. Above all, as a brand looking to collaborate with a social media influencer, it is important to follow different influencers so that you can decide what is best for your brand. Following food influencers is critical for your business as everything done needs to be about the growth of the brand. Even for an individual without a brand, food influencers can be helpful when in a new city and you are unsure what to eat. Most food influencers seek out restaurants and sample their meals.

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How To Identify a Top Food Influencer

According to several articles that have been written about food blogging, it is safe to say there are several people who consider themselves to be food bloggers. That is to say, anybody can take a picture of food with a good camera and viola! They now blog food. Identifying a top food blogger is getting increasingly difficult to manage as a result of this.

“With endless food bloggers these days, it might be a little overwhelming to choose the right source of information”

Aditya Gundecha

And that’s why we at Hobo.Video have come up with an article that makes finding the really top food bloggers easy. There are several types of food bloggers; some of these bloggers are people who travel and taste new cuisine, we have food bloggers who try out new recipes and finally, there are food bloggers who serve as restaurant/food critics within their local communities.

A top food blogger is identified by the quality of their content. How engaging their thoughts and posts are. And the diversity and range of audience they can garner.

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Which Food Influencer Should You Follow?

Are you a brand or an individual just looking to follow top food bloggers? There is an easy way to sort out food bloggers based on the night they occupy. Certainly one of the first things to consider is what you are most interested in. As a brand, it is commonplace to be interested in food bloggers who are out to taste new meals from different sources and share their experiences. Consequently, a food brand is supposed to ensure that one of its marketing strategies involves getting a popular food blogger to try out their meals. However, an individual who just loves food is more inclined to seek out food bloggers who experiment with recipes. In addition, if you are someone like me who loves to eat and also travel, what you need is a food blogger who doubles as a travel blogger. You never know when you might be in a new city and need suggestions. Moreover, food bloggers who are very popular can be termed as influencers in the food section because they can affect what you decode to try out the next time you order at a restaurant.

It is also important to note that some food bloggers are professionals in other fields while some are fully committed to food blogging. Above all, a blogger who is able to incorporate other aspects of his or her life into food blogging will bring in a twist like nothing you can imagine. Likewise, those food bloggers who have managed to transition completely into food blogging have the time and commitment to bring you top-tier content. How do you know which food blogger you should follow then? Further, how do you know which blogger will give you what you want?

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Classifications of Food Influencers

In short, this article is meant to be a wholesome article that points at which food bloggers to follow via their social media handles and blogs. So, I have carefully selected fifteen top food influencers based on their relevance in each category of food blogging.

1. Top food influencers who double as Travel influencers

a. Mohit Balachandran loves to live simply and easily. A blogger who believes that there is an inexhaustible amount of recipes across the whole of India. he is also interested in discovering as many new meals as possible. Further, he runs a blog called Chowder Singh.

b. Kavitha Ramaswamy runs a blog where she is enthusiastic about showcasing various foods she has come across over time. A new blogger, she runs and also is a social media sensation.

c. Pawan Soni is the brains behind Indian Food Freak. A well seasoned travel and food blogger, he is an innovation expert and a teacher when he is not busy enjoying good food

d. Papi Paet loves to travel and indulge in delicious meals from different parts of the world. His blog is also consistent with unfiltered images of all the meals he gets to try out. Going by @papipaet on Instagram, his page has an exciting ease to it.

e. Maneesh Srivastva runs a blog called Urban Escapades. As a blogger, he enjoys sharing food and several other fun ideas as he travels. (Instagram @theurbanescapades)

2. Top food influencers who try out recipes and are fond of creating new recipes

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a. Padhu Sankar is another food blogger who is excited about showcasing easy and amazing Indian recipes. Moreover, her blog has recipes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

b. Uma Rughuraman is popularly known as Masterchefmom is an amazing chef who combines being a mother and passionately blogging about food and lots of Indian recipes. (Instagram @masterchefmom)

c. Nisha Madhulika runs her blog called Indian Cooking YouTube Channel. Further, she specializes in simple vegetarian dishes for people looking to eat healthier meals.

d. Archana Doshi runs her blog, Archana’s Kitchen where she teaches you how to prepare simple meals. She also has a large collection of Indian recipes and some international recipes and personal creations. (Instagram @archanaskitchen)

e. Deeba Rajpal is a big fan of sugary goodness. She runs her blog where all the magic happens. Further, all kinds of sweet desserts can be found on her blog.

3. Top food influencers who limit their blogging to foods found within their local vicinity

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a. Maria owns Flavours of Mumbai and specialises in posting about foods that can be bought at street corners. (Instagram @flavours_of_mumbai,_)

b. Richa Hingle shares vegan recipes and likes to occasionally experiment with her meals. Moreover, she runs a blog called Vegan Richa (and maintains an instagram @veganricha).

c. Shaheen Ali’s blog Spoon Fork and Food: is a recollection of a girl’s childhood. In addition, Shaheen Ali began this blog to cover her mom’s family recipes but it has long grown to include meals from various parts of India and far off countries.

d. Karthik Gandhi runs Gastro hogger while being an IT Manager. (Instagram @gastrohogger) A foodie as he also likes to call himself, he posts about mouth watering and extremely rich Indian meals.

e. Anubhav Sapra runs Delhi Food Walks. He is also well known for showcasing the rich cuisine and vast delicacies to be found around Delhi. (Instagram @delhifoodwalks)

In conclusion

Food influencers, popularly referred to as food bloggers are important because they mainly influence our food choices. So, for a brand in the food industry, a popular influencer can affect how much sales you make, and how well known you are as a brand. To sum up, having good collaborations with food influencers will determine how their audiences and a large majority of your potential clientele view your products and quality of service. Moreover, if you are an individual looking to enjoy good meals, a food influencer is capable of swaying your eating options. In short, following the right food influencer is very important because a lot of our decisions are the cumulative result of the different information we feed our mind.

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